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Temperature dependent differentiation of carbon in solids - 28/09/2016

soli TOC cube - the versatile instrument for temperature dependent differentiation of carbon in solids

WEBINAR: 28. September 2016 / 10:00 AM (Central European Summer Time)

In the environment, different carbon fractions with varying bioavailability exist. Apart from organic (TOC) and inorganic carbon (TIC), elemental carbon (ROC, e.g., graphite) exists which is considered as largely inert and therefore does not have environmental implications regarding its disposal. The new soli TOC cube was developed for accurate determination of TOC, TIC and ROC via temperature-ramping, thus eliminating the need for acidification in TOC/TIC determination and providing elemental carbon as a new parameter for assessing materials like soil, waste, or debris.

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Duration: approx. 30 min + 15 min Q + A
Language: English

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